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Beachy Cute Romper

Hello All! I recently got this SUPER Cute Blue Romper from AMAZON!

Just about Everyday there is a delivery from AMAZON to me! My husband says that I have "PRIMENESIA"

(He is cute AND funny, Y'all! )

I don't just shop at Amazon though, I do almost all my shopping on line. I love finding little boutiques with unique items. I even do my grocery shopping at Kroger - delivered to me here in Florida too!

Anyway, I also do some clothing shopping on Amazon and I found this really really cute romper recently.

What I bought:

It comes in a bunch of different colors and I have washed it and hung to dry and it kept its shape very well~ I recommend this cute little outfit for a picnic, graduation party, beach trip, girls night - which is where I last wore it!

The bag shown is a SAK bag that I love!

This Bag is from the mother earth approved line and made from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean!

These Super Cute Sandals from RedDress Boutique are perfect for the summer. They go with ANYTHING, ANY COLOR and any event.

Speaking of shoes, I feel like I have to tell you about these FitFlops.

Ok, I will admit. I am old. My feet are paying me back for the YEARS of wearing high heels to work and play every day. These are the most comfortable pair of flip flops I have ever owned! They have them on amazon for Prime Delivery! You can also find more styles on the FitFlop website directly: And right now if you use my discount code SUMMER15 you can get 15% off!

And Last but Not Least...because sometimes the earrings make the outfit! Here are the Teardrop Faux Leather Glitter Earrings for Women that I have on with the outfit pictured below!

Here is what I got and how it looked on me:

I am 5'2", 34DD, short and carry my weight in my mid-section, butt and thighs (thank you 52) I ordered a size large in the romper - and it fits perfectly.

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