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My Top 3 Favorite Online Shops for Sundresses

Sundresses are for Girlie Girls

And that is what I am! To follow are some of my favorite places to shop for summer attire.

I typically wear a medium in most sundresses -

I am 5'2" - somewhat of an apple shape. I am not slender - I got a little junk in my trunk :) If an item looks fitted, I will usually size up one size.

This is one of my all time favorite stores for fun, unique items for any event! The beach, Date Night, Wedding Guest! Anything you need, you can find it here!

I am 5'2" with a short/apple type shape. I am not slender/thin but very curvy :)

I typically wear a size medium in VENUS dresses, but pants and BODYCOM type dresses vary alot for me.

One thing to keep in mind - VENUS offers free, very easy returns so do not feel nervous about trying to order online!

Let your hair down, darling. Or put it up. Whatever makes you feel gorgeous today. Toss the work clothes or sweats to the side and slip into one of these trendy dresses that makes you exude confidence and chic style. You deserve it. Who cares if you aren’t headed out for something important or on a date? You want to look fabulous today. Do. *Snap* It. *Snap.* Because you can. Let the beach vibes flow when you put on one of our sassy sundresses. You own this look. Call the girls and plan a date at the local vineyard or art studio. Then, pick one of our sweet and appealing maxi dresses to wear–just because you can.

This precious online Boutique has the cutest one of kind finds! They sell out fast so check back often and if you see something you like! Don't wait!

They have items for wedding parties, dresses, distressed jeans and the cutest bralettes to wear under a sundress for some flirty fun!

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