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5 of the Best White Sundresses for Summer 2022

Summer is here and I don't know about you but I am always on the hunt for the elusive PERFECT white sundress!

There is something so elegant about the look of a crisp white sundress. Styling a white sundress is unlimited as well! You can dress down for a beachy look, or add a pair of high heels and the right jewelry for a date night - I mean the ultimate dress is the white wedding dress!

I recently did a try on from Amazon and it was a white dress for summer and it made me think..

"it is hard to find the perfect white dress... that is what sparked this fashion hunt"

Casual and Fun! A splash of color for a summer beach vibe! You can wear this dress as a cover up on the beach or dress it up with sandals and jewelry for a beach front restaurant or day trip to St. Augustine to sight see - maybe even a winery tour?

Commissionable Links:


I will be sharing pics of this adorable Romper soon! I just bought this and it is perfection!

The material is soft and won't wrinkle. The romper is so cute, you cannot even tell it is shorts!

AND a bonus- It has pockets!

There are so many ways to style this cutie - shown here is a great brunch outfit!

Commissionable Links:

Tequila Earrings? YES Please! This site has so many cute earrings!

Shades - This eco friendly company sell amazing sunglasses but BONUS - Sunglasses are fashionable and have Readers! You can read on the beach again! Also, for every pair of glasses purchased, they donate a pair of specks to someone in need!

Bracelets - I follow an Influencer on Insta and she has her own line of jewelry that is over the top super cute! Follow her on Insta at reefrainaria

Follow me too :) thesaltybeachhouse


A fresh cut dress with embellishments around the neckline! A clean, elegant look that doesn't need much to accessorize it. It stands alone! This entire look can be found here:

Commissionable Links:

Gold Bridgette Wedge

St. Barts Cane Clutch

So Shellegant Earrings

Golden Blooms Earrings

Devine Bracelet Set


Hello Sexy - I mean this jumper is everything a hot sexy steamy date night needs to be perfect! From the low cut embellished front to the flowing bell bottom legs. This outfit is amazing alone! I have added some items to help style it, but really? The room would stop if you walked in with just the jumper - no other bling required!

I paired a couple of super cute bags and jewelry just to give you a vision of what could be done!

Commissionable Links:

Necklace Tiered to really show off that low cut style


ANINE BING launched in 2012 with a mission to provide women with wardrobe essentials to create the perfect modern uniform. ANINE BING fuses Scandinavian heritage with American energy for a blended aesthetic that fits the lifestyle of the dynamic women we dress.

I love this bold look. So clean and sophisticated! You can shop this entire look at ANINE Bing

Which look is your favorite??

Comment Below and let me know!

If you like any of these looks, please comment, like and share! I love sharing the things I find that I love. If you want to see something specific please comment, or email me and I will do the research!

Thank you Beautiful People!

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